Who knew this was possible?

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This is a Google Map of the home of Jacques Lacan, the famous French psychoanalyst. We stumbled upon this address when we were in Paris back in 2002 and were dumbfounded to see the plaque since husband was a big fan. He asked me this morning if we had a picture of the plaque and I thought I took a photo but despite many minutes of pawing around in boxes and photo album couldn’t put my hand on it. So, I tried Googling “Lacan plaque Paris”. The first link was on Wikimedia which showed the plaque (out of context) and the address; I then put the address into Google Maps…et voilà!! You can see where it is on the street, can zoom in to read the plaque, then continue walking down to where we stopped for coffee at a café. Hmmm, that’s the place I learned never to request a large coffee…it came in a cup the size of a mixing bowl! I’m betting the waiter is still laughing about l’americaine…

Oh, you are asking why husband was wondering if we took a photo, it was for a blog post he was writing. An hour later, here I am…but I learned something new so it was all worth it!


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