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Fire has been devastating this summer, and it’s only July 1. But even before the conflagration in Colorado over the past weeks, I came across this item while on a walk. It lay in the street next the sidewalk. My curiosity is piqued: what could possibly have led to this? If you have any thoughts, please let me know. Frankly, I shudder to think…






Spring is in the air!

I just took a walk. Looking out on the brown hills I marveled at the warm temperature, the blue sky, the sound of robins. Then my gaze fell to the ground around my feet and, lo, there were sprigs of green grass! I almost dropped to my knees in gratitude. I confess that those tan, taupe, gray shades of winter do little to inspire me, but throw in the thousand shades of green that are emerging, a dab of purple, a blob of yellow and I’m a happy gal.

Thank you for the wonders of emerging life. Hope comes with color.