Becoming Perceptive

New! Listening to the Blues

Our culture tells us that we shouldn’t feel low or blue, that we may be “sick” when we are sad, that we should “snap out of it.” Often, though, these feelings are natural and come in response to triggering events in our lives. Loss, illness, or bad news can cause us to become blue. We don’t necessarily require medication or psychotherapy when we are sad or low; we may need to speak and to have others listen. Hearing ourselves say aloud what we think contributes to the feelings and our attitudes about them, helps us to learn about ourselves and to grow. Having others pay attention and listen intently helps to restore us.

Listening to the Blues is a group that will meet weekly at St. John’s in Boulder. Each meeting offers a time out, a break from the hubbub where we can share what is on our hearts in a confidential and supportive place. The meeting will start with a ritual of welcome followed by a few minutes of related content. Then participants will take turns sharing and responding to questions, interspersed with reflective silence. The meeting will close with a meditation before we step back into our regular lives.

There will be an organizational meeting in the St. Paul classroom on Thursday, 7 May, 6:30-8 p.m. to discuss the time and process of the meetings.

If you would like to attend or have questions about the organizational meeting, please email Anne or call her at 720.346.8420.


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