Becoming Perceptive

New! Listening to Parenthood

Parenthood brings joy and wonder. But it also brings challenges and questions. Just when you feel like you understand some things about it, everything changes again. It’s not easy.

Can you imagine listening to parenthood? What would you hear? If you took time to clarify your expectations of being a parent in the company of other parents, could you learn more about yourself? Could you find greater trust in yourself as you parent your children?

Listening to Parenthood is a group that spends time in silence, in sharing, in questioning and in reflecting. It is not a “how to be a better parent” class; it is a time to let the role of parenthood speak and be heard in the hope that new discoveries about its pleasures and hardships can be made.

There will be an organizational meeting on Wednesday, 15 April from 7-9 p.m. in the 4-5 Classroom at St. Ambrose. We will discuss the time of the meetings, the possibility of separating the parents according to the ages of their children, the need for childcare during the meeting times, as well as the group process.

The fee will be $25 per participant per session after the first meeting.

If you have questions or plan to attend, please email Anne or call her at 720.346.8420.


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