Becoming Perceptive

“…simply paying attention…”

“I think one of the best things we can do, I think, in developing our own life of prayer is practicing simply paying attention. Actually look and consider and spend time looking at something in creation, looking at it and marveling at it, wondering at it, and allowing its deep mystery to come to you and change you and reveal something of a mystery of God the Creator. I think this is a wonderful way of deepening our relationship with God.”

– Br. Geoffrey Tristram, “Pick something in God’s creation to consider today…”, Growing a Rule of Life, March 10, 2019 Society of Saint John the Evangelist

Becoming Perceptive

New! Listening to Parenthood

Parenthood brings joy and wonder. But it also brings challenges and questions. Just when you feel like you understand some things about it, everything changes again. It’s not easy.

Can you imagine listening to parenthood? What would you hear? If you took time to clarify your expectations of being a parent in the company of other parents, could you learn more about yourself? Could you find greater trust in yourself as you parent your children?

Listening to Parenthood is a group that spends time in silence, in sharing, in questioning and in reflecting. It is not a “how to be a better parent” class; it is a time to let the role of parenthood speak and be heard in the hope that new discoveries about its pleasures and hardships can be made.

There will be an organizational meeting on Wednesday, 15 April from 7-9 p.m. in the 4-5 Classroom at St. Ambrose. We will discuss the time of the meetings, the possibility of separating the parents according to the ages of their children, the need for childcare during the meeting times, as well as the group process.

The fee will be $25 per participant per session after the first meeting.

If you have questions or plan to attend, please email Anne or call her at 720.346.8420.

Becoming Perceptive

New! Listening to the Blues

Our culture tells us that we shouldn’t feel low or blue, that we may be “sick” when we are sad, that we should “snap out of it.” Often, though, these feelings are natural and come in response to triggering events in our lives. Loss, illness, or bad news can cause us to become blue. We don’t necessarily require medication or psychotherapy when we are sad or low; we may need to speak and to have others listen. Hearing ourselves say aloud what we think contributes to the feelings and our attitudes about them, helps us to learn about ourselves and to grow. Having others pay attention and listen intently helps to restore us.

Listening to the Blues is a group that will meet weekly at St. John’s in Boulder. Each meeting offers a time out, a break from the hubbub where we can share what is on our hearts in a confidential and supportive place. The meeting will start with a ritual of welcome followed by a few minutes of related content. Then participants will take turns sharing and responding to questions, interspersed with reflective silence. The meeting will close with a meditation before we step back into our regular lives.

There will be an organizational meeting in the St. Paul classroom on Thursday, 7 May, 6:30-8 p.m. to discuss the time and process of the meetings.

If you would like to attend or have questions about the organizational meeting, please email Anne or call her at 720.346.8420.

Becoming Perceptive

Listening to Uncertainty meets today

Listening to Uncertainty will meet today 2-3:30 p.m. at St. Aidan’s in Meeting Rooms A-B.  If you haven’t contacted me before, just send an email or give me a call at 720.346.8420. And if you can’t contact me in advance, just come on anyway!

The meeting will start with a short ritual of welcome and a bit of content about uncertainty. Then each person in turn offers some thoughts aloud to which the group responds with questions. We end with a short meditation before we rejoin the world. All is confidential and supportive.

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Listening to Listening to…

Today I visited St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church in Boulder for both the 8:15 and 10:00 a.m. services.  I went to announce the start up of a new Listening to… group there and to talk about what topic might be of most interest to the folks in the congregation. The list of possibilities includes (but is not limited to) Listening to Stress, Listening to the Blues, Listening to Money, Listening to the Noise of the World, Listening to Parenthood, Listening to Uncertainty, or Listening to Creativity.  Several folks expressed interest so I expect that a new group will begin just after Easter.  (If you would be interested in one of those topics email me.)  After I hear from those who would like participate, I will select a time and make the announcement here, in the new newsletter, The Listener, and in local bulletins.

Listening to Parenthood will start after Easter at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church in Boulder. I will announce dates and times for this group soon.  I spent the last four Wednesday nights participating in the Lenten program with folks there.  Each evening started with Centering Prayer, then the Eucharist with an emphasis on a different form of prayer.  After the service, folks gathered for a potluck dinner (the food was so good that I bought a cookbook the Altar Guild was selling that featured many of the recipes served) and then one of three programs.  I led Listening with Expectation; the other two offered sounded wonderful too…one about journaling, another about forgiveness.  What a delight to meet new people and to participate in their Lenten program!  I look forward to having Listening to Parenthood meet there.

And this Thursday Listening to Uncertainty will begin in my home parish, St. Aidan’s.  It is such a pleasure that the time I spend at other local churches only strengthens my connection there.

Of course, people from other churches and the community can participate in the Listening to... groups; they are not just for the local congregants.   There are no restrictions on who may attend the groups.  The churches are kind and generous to offer their facilities so the groups can meet.  They also do a lot of work to let folks know about the Listening to… offerings. I appreciate their support in helping this work begin.

I’ve been to services at various churches in the Boulder area and I feel part of every one.  Each has its own personality, character and spiritual emphases, offering in the collective a broader view of what community is all about.

I went this morning to make an announcement, but I left with so much more.  I worshiped in that glorious setting open to the Foothills, heard words familiar yet individualized, experienced a heart felt homily, spent time with folks I didn’t know.  And this happens every Sunday…isn’t that wonderous?