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Peeper trouble


After suddenly experiencing significant floaters in my left eye June 11, I visited my ophthalmologist. He diagnosed me with posterior vitreous detachment, a fairly common problem among folks of a certain age especially if they are very nearsighted. The vitreous of the eye changes consistency and pulls away from the retina causing the floaters. Usually there is not problem but in the first weeks, there is an increased risk of retinal detachment. So after assuring me that within weeks (to months) the floaters would settle, he suggested that I return in a few weeks to be checked but to let him know if there I saw any bright lights or dark veils. The next week I started having bothersome blurriness in the same eye so I returned for a checkup. It turned out there were a few spots on my retina that were bleeding slightly so my ophthalmologist referred me for an immediate visit to a retina specialist who, after a thorough examination, performed laser surgery to seal those spots and “tack” the retina. I left with very blurry vision and a slight headache (both temporary from the procedure) reassured that my eye was doing well and I could expect full recovery. I have had one follow-up exam which showed no further signs of deterioration and am trying to be patient while hoping that the floaters and blurriness dissipate soon. I was certainly unfamiliar with this problem but have since come to know several others with similar experiences. So thankful for astute and able health care providers.

Finding myself paying attention to my paying attention now. It’s a little weird.


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