describing the practice

When we speak, we want to be heard; this is essential to our sense of well-being.  When we experience a tangle in our lives, have questions that we are trying to answer, or want to explore new possibilities, we need to talk with a sympathetic and discerning listener.

I offer Intensive Listening using the Triangle of Attention model.  Please read more by clicking on on becoming perceptive.

I see people who desire to become more perceptive, i.e. discerning, observant, insightful, in one-on-one visits or in groups.  Some participate in both.  For more information about visits, click on one-on-one and group.

Workshops and conferences are useful for helping others learn more about becoming perceptive.  To find out what events are scheduled, click happenings.

Feel free to contact me with questions about one-on-one visits, groups, workshops or about my practice of becoming perceptive.


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