From my heart

“…led [Dacher] deeper and deeper into investigating the primary experience of awe in human life — moments when we have a sense of wonder, an experience of mystery, that transcends our understanding. These, it turns out, are as common in human life globally as they are measurably health-giving and immunity-boosting. They bring us together with others, again and again. They bring our nervous system, and heartbeat, and breath into sync — and even into sync with other bodies around us. This science is a wildly accessible, minute-to-minute invitation to practice a common human experience that is literally life-giving, and nourishing, and actively good for this world of pain and promise that we inhabit.” —from

A friend just sent me a message to say “I thought of you and your wonderful pictures when I listened to this podcast…had to share!”

I am truly touched–for another to see awe in my photographs means that I have communicated from my heart. Who could ask for more?


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