No sooner than I say I will start to record synchronicities than I experience one. On my walk this afternoon I had just passed the area where I exhorted the the City of Durham to trim the bushes dangerously blocking one lane of the American Tobacco Trail, when a bicycle came up behind me. I glanced around to reassure the rider that I was aware of him so that he could safely pass when he spoke: “Are you Anne?” Well that took me by surprise. It turned out it was the fellow who supports the American Tobacco Trail on Instagram and Facebook and had requested to reuse some of my trail photographs. We chatted a bit and I confessed that he was the first person to recognize me on my walk. He kindly complimented my photographs and we went on our respective ways. I was en route to pick up a few groceries and on my way back, I stopped waiting for the traffic light to turn thinking about the incredible unlikelihood of being spotted by someone I had never met during a walk along the 22 miles of trial when I looked down and saw this beauty; it was at the same spot where @drpconnelly and I had parted after our chance encounter. It was my lucky day!



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