A progression of pots

progression of pots

On Saturday we visited the exhibit at the Arvada Center, Harencia Milenaria:  Contemporary Ceramics from Tonalá, Jalisco, México.   There were also two very dynamic collections of paintings.

The work in this photo is called “Didáctica” by Barro Bruñido.

I was reminded looking at these burnished pots of the developmental sequence and how the potter forms the clay…which pot are you?


3 thoughts on “A progression of pots

  1. I love the comparison of the development of these clay pots to the development of the self. On some days, I feel far more amorphous than these gorgeously shaped pots; on other days I like to think I’ve achieved the shiny burnished end product.


  2. I like to sense that although the pot I am has been becoming more and more defined throughout my life, that now i’m on the way back to less definition and more primal awareness of the simple clay. ;-D


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