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gravatar-3cmx3cm-v5I recently launched a new resource called 2dollardifference to raise awareness about hunger and poverty. encourages people to experience in a meaningful, albeit partial, way the situation of half of the population of the world: eating for $2 a day.

“Simple but not easy,” participants eat for $2 a day for one week, then give the difference between their reduced food costs and what they usually spend on food (i.e., groceries, coffees, snacks, meals at restaurants) to an organization dedicated to the eradication of hunger.

A host of materials at support the experience-reflect-act process, including a list of relevant books, a special prayer, a sheet of intentions, costs of single servings of various foods, food diary, etc. The site also offers the “chat post” where folks who eat for $2 a day can share online their experiences and reflections. A few organizations that focus on the alleviation of hunger and poverty are listed as possible targets for donations, but participants can donate to any organization they choose.

2dollardifference is designed for individuals or groups and can be done anytime. To learn more, please visit the web site at

Feel free to let others know!

(There is also a facebook page here, if you would like to join.)


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