I’m looking out my office window at a humongous spider web. Impressive in its design, it is intricate, delicate and sturdy. I took my camera out earlier this morning hoping to capture an image of it, but alas, my skills are too paltry. I spied while there, though, the web’s creator. A big, brown arachnid with legs tucked sat right in the center of its domain waiting, waiting, waiting. Now, though, it has moved on to some other venue leaving his creation to do its work. Thus far I see only a small bit of leaf blown onto the sticky net by the passing lawn mower. I feel for any creature that might find itself ensnared and yet that’s nature’s way.

Funny to think that I might have missed seeing this altogether if those incredibly fine silk threads had not caught a glimmer of the early morning sun light. It pays to watch for glimmers, but that’s another story…

I’ll keep an eye on this awesome work through the day and see what happens.


3 thoughts on “Threads

  1. I kept coming back to see if anything got caught in the web and didn’t see nary captive. Even knowing its purpose, it’s impressive, no doubt about it.


  2. Now, several days later, it just started raining and the spider ran quickly into hiding. I wonder if the rain will inflict any damage on his creation?


  3. And it’s gone. I don’t know how it was destroyed but the tie lines and anchors have disappeared. It seemed secure in the corner near the porch, but these things are fleeting. All that work…will the spider do it again?


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