A visit to the past

As the photo in the previous post suggests, I visited the Denver Museum of Science and Nature yesterday.   It was like a trip down memory lane since we used to go there quite often with a trail of youngsters in tow.   Now my little one is taller than me, but she was still enthralled by the dinosaurs.  And she knows so much more science now that it makes wandering the path through the various exhibits a new experience.

I was glad to find however that there is a younger set (yes, even younger than sixteen) that still runs there.  Their loud exclamations of surprise and wonder fill the halls.  But it’s the little side comments that I love.  Here were the two snippets  that I overheard that almost put me on the floor rolling with laughter:

  • A tiny little boy all of three feet tall looking up at the humongous T-Rex that was fifty tall if he was an inch, said, “He isn’t so tall; he must be a baby.”
  • A little girl in the Egyptian room held her arms stiffly at her side and hopped on both feet while singsonging, “I’m hopping like a mummy…I’m hopping like a mummy!”

It tickled me good, but maybe you had to be there…


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