Technical difficulties

If you’ve visited this site very often, you might have noticed that I love to post photographs.  They are usually of something that has captured my fancy, perhaps something slightly whimsical.

But I haven’t put up very many of late because my camera has developed a big problem:  it has no clarity.   It comes with a wonderful feature known as autofocus.  That feature is malfunctioning or just plain broken.  All the pictures come out looking fuzzy.

Afflicted with my own bout of the same, I haven’t been able to decide whether or not to send it for factory repairs.  Finally the other day, I just declared that it would be silly to send it off for $80+ to be fixed when I could buy a new camera with better features for $130.  Yet, when I went to the store yesterday the model I desired was out of stock.

And so, we wait.  I will get a new camera and I will take more pictures that I post here to help show bits of my world.

Now if I could reach the same level of clarity about my own status…

Stay tuned.  There is definitely more to come!


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