On My Walks

Hanging on…or wanting to go

When I was young and the snow would hang around, folks would it say it was “waiting for more.”  And it might be true, I suppose.  Perhaps some climatological circumstances that keep the snow from melting on the ground (could it be cold ground temperatures?), might, in fact, be indicators that more snow is possible.  It might be.

And so as I walked around yesterday, the fourth day of wonderful weather of balmy temperatures following the wet snow dump of last weekend, I had to wonder about the small dirty snow mounds that I saw.  Are they waiting for more, as if there are reinforcements on the way?  Or are they just trying to avoid the inevitable but not wanting to change?  Or are they sad that they are still solid wishing that they, like all of their snowflake friends before them, would transform into something new and different, water?

Would it be possible to listen to the snow?  Or is that just going too far?  What do you think?


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