Whooooo is it?

At dawn every morning this week I have heard an owl just outside our home.  I’m wondering why suddenly he (or she?) is hooting; is this a seasonal owl behavior?  Never lasting very long, the song is distinctive.  I wish I knew what the bird looked like too.  Is it a Great Horned Owl?  I hear that species is typical for the owls found around here.

But no matter whether the owl be a he or she, a Great Horned Owl or a Barn Owl, large or small, whatever…it makes me smile and wonder at the life out in the darkness.



(No, there is no owl in the photo…too bad, isn’t it?)


One thought on “Whooooo is it?

  1. And then today (Sunday after Saturday post) I picked up the spring 2009 publication, Images of the Boulder County Parks and Open Space, and founnd an article on owls! It turns out that there are nine species of owl that live in Boulder County and another three that winter or migrate through here. Wow! So there is no telling what I heard…and I don’t care! I just hope the owl will continue to visit; I love the sound.


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