Though spring begins slowly and tentatively, it grows with a tenacity that never fails to touch me.  The smallest and most tender shoots insist on having their way, coming up through ground that looked, only a few weeks earlier, as if it would never grow anything again.  The crocuses and snowdrops do not bloom for long.  But their mere appearance, however brief, is always a harbinger of hope, and from those small beginnings, hope grows at a geometric rate.  The days get longer, the winds get warmer, and the world grows green again.

–Parker J. Palmer, Let Your Life Speak:  Listening for the Voice of Vocation, 2000


2 thoughts on “Words

  1. A beautiful description of what is happening. I’m chuckling to myself about the topic, because I was trying to decide if I would read a few blogs or go outside and water my newly-emerging bulbs. 🙂 Thanks for the beautiful words, now I can go water and mediate on the lyrics!


  2. Lara,

    I hope you enjoyed your time outside with your new bulbs. It certainly looks a lot like spring today here in Boulder, doesn’t it?


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