On My Walks

On My Walks

A great gaggle of geese is hanging around our neighborhood.  They graze on the grass of the school fields, around the park, and even in the median strip.  It’s amazing to watch them stroll across the streets with cars jammed up waiting for the long line to pass.

The geese perceive no barriers at the curb; to them, the terrain may change but the concrete and asphalt are just surfaces to be passed over to reach the next grassy knoll.  Not so for the drivers that toot and honk hoping to speed them up; they want those beasts to honor their byways.  “Hurry up!” they blare while impatiently creeping up on the flock.  The geese never even turn to look. They don’t seem to see or to hear the pressure cookers idling in the streets.

I love it that something slows down the traffic.  Drivers won’t yield to the students, but they have to give ground to the geese. Maybe it’s the feathers…


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