On My Walks

On My Walks

I think there are more leaves on the ground now than on the trees.  A few deciduous trees are still green and a few are completely bare. They remind me of class discussions of outliers back in my statistics days. There’s always a small number at each end of the continuum.

Sometimes I feel like an outlier too, but am I more like a green tree amongst others bright with rich colors or if I am more like the bare tree anxious to get on with dormancy so I can releaf again in the spring? Hmmmm….


2 thoughts on “On My Walks

  1. Looking out of my window I see a big tree with dark branches and half of the yellow leaves have fallen already. There’s also the wine, it has a few grapes left – I had to cook the last raisin (good with chicken) because there were too many. And then I read your post to realize that it’s falling at the other side of the planet too.


  2. Odile,

    That is an awesome thought, that the leaves are falling on the other side of the planet too. I mean, I know that, but I don’t think about it very often. You’ve drawn my attention to your tree and how it’s like my trees though thousands of miles apart.

    I’ll bet that says something about you and me too…don’t you think?



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