On My Walks

On My Walks

It is raining steadily here for the first time months. While we have enjoyed a few cooler days recently, most of the summer has been relentlessly sunny, translated as hot and dry. So why wouldn’t I run out into the rain screaming for joy? Why am I staying holed up in my house unwilling to get my little footsies wet?

I don’t know. If I get myself worked up for a stroll, I’ll come back and add something. In the meantime, I am cozy and dry resisting the outside.


2 thoughts on “On My Walks

  1. We in Colorado are so accustomed to, and spoiled by, abundant sunshine that we hardly know what to do when it rains. People in Seattle or Portland or Vancouver or anywhere in the British Isles can’t understand man Coloradans’ aversion to precipitation. For years, whenever we are both in town, a neighbor and I have been going for a 2-mile walk every morning, regardless of the weather. Then again, we both grew up in New England at a time when kids all walked to school, also regardless of the weather.

    Claire @ http://nordic-walking-usa.blogspot.com


  2. And now a day later…

    …I just returned from a walk in absolutely perfect weather. The temperature in the high 60’s, the sun shining, no wind. The world bathed in sunlight so exquisite it is almost hard to bear.

    But bear it I did for a wonderful walk.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the rain of the last two days…from inside the house!


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