On My Walks

On My Walks

Today was action packed.  First, there were three skateboarders that came rolling down the hill behind me at a fast clip.  I stepped off the path to avoid being run over.  Second, the boulevard was diverted into one lane going the wrong way while some work was done on the opposite sidewalk.  I asked the road crewman what was going on and he said, “Don’t know.  They’re digging a hole and I’m just rerouting traffic.”  Third, I stopped in at the veterinarian’s office that had its backyard area covered in artificial turf then surrounded by a very tall fence.  I was curious what was being constructed.  I walked in and was met at the door by the vet (named Lee).  He explained it was a dog run with fancy turf that allows drainage, and then he took me back for a tour.  I was greeted by twenty dogs barking, yipping, and yapping; impressive.  Fourth, I met Betty who was sanding a bench that had been placed in memorial for a woman who died ten years ago.  It faces an impressive view along my walking route.  I wished her well and headed home.


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